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Southern Turf Management

Established in 2003, we are the premier golf course maintenance company in South Africa. We have expanded our services to include a landscaping division, which includes design, installation & maintenance and a sports turf division which includes design, construction & maintenance.

Southern Turf Management specializes in the field of turf grass maintenance and our portfolio includes not only golf courses, but the sports turf maintenance of private schools and landscape maintenance on estates. Our company also has a construction division and our services include golf course construction, sports turf construction and landscape projects which incorporates landscape design and build services.

Golf Courses

Golf course construction and maintenance is one of our key service offerings within the Southern Turf Management group, specialising in new construction, renovations, site development, infrastructure, sports turf, landscaping and project grow-in.

We truly believe a golf course is a special kind of asset – one that requires attentive management. Without skilled management and attention to detail, a course will never achieve its full potential. Our services are available for the entire process from the start phase throughout to construction and maintenance.


STM designs, build and maintain landscaping to a variety of upmarket residential estates and private schools. Dedicated to attention to detail, our experienced landscaping team’s focus is on providing a complete landscaping service. We offer the highest level of estate landscaping design, landscape construction and estate maintenance, ensuring that we can create, build and maintain your estate.

Sports Turf

We pride ourselves in delivering only the best service when it comes to sports turf. For more than 14 years STM has been providing the highest standard of service in sports turf, landscaped areas as well as maintaining the facility after completion.

Our director and CEO have years of experience and impeccable knowledge of the golf course and sports turf construction which leads to an exemplary recipe of success.


Meet our leaders, namely CEO, Kosie Mentz and director, Derick Bolton. Our leadership structure is designed to provide quality service and successfully meet the needs of our clients. STM prides itself on professionalism, integrity and commitment.